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Study in USA

The land and people of the USA are also incredibly varied. Wherever you choose to study, you will encounter a regional culture rich in history and local traditions.

16 universities in the USA are ranked in the world’s top 20 universities.

Why choose to study in the USA?

The USA is a top university destination choice for study abroad and hosts more international students than any other country in the world. Here are a few reasons why you should choose to study in the USA:

World renowned education

US degrees are recognized around the world for their academic excellence and enhanced learning experiences. American universities include many prestigious institutions that are respected globally. In the 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities:

  • 16 universities in the USA are ranked in the world’s top 20 universities
  • 52 US universities are ranked the top 100 universities worldwide
  • 77 American universities ranked the best 200 universities in the world

Getting an American degree is the key to a successful future. The connections you make and the many work experience opportunities will open the door to a prosperous and rewarding career.

Academic choice and flexibility

The USA has one of the world’s best university systems, offering flexible education opportunities at over 4,000 institutions. With Global Pathways, there are routes to bachelor’s degrees for both high school and undergraduate (transfer) applicants, and graduate student options leading to fast-tack master’s degrees, graduate certificates, and prestigious MBAs.

Bachelor’s degrees in the USA include core courses, such as math, history, literature, and communications in the first 2 years. This gives a broad-based knowledge across many disciplines – essential for competing in the global workplace. American curricula are flexibly designed to allow students to change their ‘major’ after 1 or 2 years. There is a huge choice of elective courses so students can tailor their degree to their interests and strengths.

It is also common for students to change university after 2 years of study in the USA, or to transfer into a US university after studying in another country. It’s not necessary to complete all 4 years at the same institution in order to get a degree from there. This flexibility means students can improve their grades for transfer to a more selective institution.

Career preparation

There will be many opportunities for you to gain practical, career-related experience during your US university studies. Cooperative (co-op) education and internship programs are widely available and often integrated into program curricula to make it easy for you to build up your resume before graduation. Our prime locations provide access to thousands of student internship opportunities at hundreds of companies every year.

Global Pathways partner universities provide top-ranking career and internship programs, with average student employment rates of more than 90% within 6-9 months of graduation.

Optional Practical Training

Studying on an F-1 visa also allows you to gain temporary employment authorization through Optional Practical Training (OPT), either during or immediately following your degree studies. Through OPT, you can work:

  • Up to 12 months full-time per degree level (e.g., bachelor’s, master’s) completed in the USA, or
  • Up to 29 months per degree level if you complete a STEM degree (science, technology, engineering or mathematics)

Many of these opportunities are paid, allowing you to start paying down the cost of your US education soon after graduation.

Experiencing a different culture

Studying in the USA and exploring a culture different from your own will help you gain essential life skills such as improving your confidence, communication and social skills. You can choose to travel around, see world famous attractions and immerse yourself in the American culture and language.

Joining Global Pathways will ensure that you meet fellow students from all over the world and you will be learning about other cultures as well as sharing aspects of your culture with your international friends.

Going to university in the USA will broaden your horizons, introduce you to new ways of thinking and will help you gain those important skills you need to pursue a successful future.