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Study MBA in France

Students pursuing an MBA France learn from distinguished faculty as well as each other, as the student body is uniquely multicultural, offering many different perspectives.

A high percentage of students graduating with an MBA France degree are recruited to work in international business and corporations in France, Europe, and all over the world.

For those aspiring students who dream of running their own businesses or who aim to become the CEOs of top global companies, here is a great opportunity for them. France brings them a chance to study MBA programs in globally recognized institutions. The country is the home of several prestigious business schools that offer a wide variety of programs for students. MBA degree not only provides you with the management skills and business expertise required to open new career opportunities but also increase your pay scale to a higher level.

Graduates holding an MBA France degree are highly attractive to employers. A high percentage of students graduating with an MBA in France degree are recruited to work in international business and corporations in France, Europe, and all over the world. Students pursuing an MBA in France learn from distinguished faculty as well as each other, as the student body is uniquely multicultural, offering many different perspectives.

With its top Business Schools like HEC Paris, INSEAD gaining acceptance across the world, we have a quick look at what France has to offer as a study abroad destination for MBA students and its gaining popularity among business houses across the world.

World Class Higher Education System

If there is one thing the French are serious about, it’s their education. It is evident in the fact that more than 20% of the government spending is in the education sector. The best thing about the French rules, as such are its equality norm. No matter what your nationality, if you are a student in France, you have all the benefits that a French national enjoys.

Adding value to this is the fact that its higher education is based out of research and you would be able to connect to the very best minds from across sectors in France. France’s higher education is rated amongst the top in the world for its content and quality.

Business Schools like HEC Paris and INSEAD feature in the World Top 20 colleges. Schools like the Grenoble Graduate School of Business is another example of an upcoming Business School which has recently attracted a lot of tech company placements from around the world.

Evermore, if you are looking to pursue your MBA in specialized industry like Arts or Luxury and Fashion, the courses at the Paris School of Business would help you find a course tailor made just for you. And if cost is a concern, you can find excellent quality with more than 10 affordable MBA Programs in France.

Opportunities Galore

If you have heard of Airbus, Alcatel, Pernod Ricard, Michelin, Alstom then you understand the power of the French Industries. Ranked amongst the very best in the world, France has created leadership across industries like agri-products, fashion, automobiles, electronics and aerospace. Not only that, Paris is also the world’s top destination for business tourism and international trade fairs.

As a management graduate, what adds to your career is not merely the quality of education imparted to you inside the classrooms but rather the experiences you are able to gather outside of it. The country brings the best of the names close to you. From internships to job offers in the best, you can add the value to your resume and your personality.

More importantly, the relaxed post study work permits is invitation enough. The recent law permitting post graduate students to stay on in France for two years after education is an excellent opportunity for students aspiring for better shores to find a suitable job.

Global Experience Par Excellence

France has something to offer to the discerning tastes of all. You are sure to find people who share your interests. As an International Student, especially, you would not be a lone face as international students from all over the world come to France for their higher education. So if you believe your masters must have an international flavour to it and should give you a global exposure, the French Universities are just the right mix.

With temperatures varying as much as they do in Nepal, the country has a lot to offer in terms of diversity apart from its student population. Friendly neighborhoods, large influx of tourists and a country that thrives on cheese and wine has a culture that is adaptive to anyone. So while you explore the Southern France, the Riviera or revel in the long romantic streets of Paris, you are sure to get an MBA experience unlike any.

French as an important Business Language

Spoken by 68 million people worldwide and ranked next to only English and Mandarin, French continues to enjoy a strong position as a business language of choice. With many top businesses across various sectors being of the French Origin, the language is sure to come handy and add remarkable value to your resume.

While many Business Schools offer the MBA/ M.Sc. in Business in English, learning French while staying in the country is not really difficult. The ease and availability of the courses makes is easier for you to stretch yourself and learn the language. This helps you become a truly Global Leader.

All Things Innovative

With the competition in the MBA market increasing, the external environment plays a crucial role. Today, the managers are required to be innovative and progressive in their thought process, inculcate the sense of social responsibility in their actions and look at sustainability rather than profits - Universities of France help you.

Already renowned the world over for its active research based education system, France has seen many Nobel Laureates in the recent history. A hub of research, the country’s education system as well as industry actively seeks research scholars from around the world. This in turn would ensure that no matter what the subject, the expert is readily accessible to you.

To sum up, France is a country famous for a lot of things. A quiet and pleasantly diverse nation, it offers the right set of ingredients that would add immense value to your management studies. Not to mention the obvious advantages, it is also strategically located in Europe, offering you access to many countries. So not only is France a most advantageous country for your MBA, it also has the attributes that would ensure that your time abroad is a learning experience in itself.


  • Business Administration
  • Luxury and Fashion Management
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing and Digital Business
  • Tourism
  • Luxury Brand Management, Food and Wine
  • International Purchases
  • Hospitality Management
  • Business and Management Communication
  • Fashion Business
  • Arts & Cultural Management
  • International Marketing & Communication strategy with a focus on luxury Industry
  • Business and Innovation Management
  • Finance
  • Perfume & Cosmetics Management
  • Business and Human Resource Management
  • Global Fashion Media
  • New Business Models
  • Geopolitics & International Business
  • Entrepreneurship & International Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Sports Management
  • 3 or 4 years of bachelor degree completion in the chosen field
  • Professional experiences plus point

One admission process – for all our Universities

Applicants are required to submit the following application for the admission assessment:

  • ID / Passport copy 
  • CV
  • Bachelor degree or latest university transcripts or diplomas
  • Professional experience certificates if any
  • Proof of English Proficiency Tests, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent (TOEFL, CAE, PTE, TOEIC)

In case you don’t have IELTS/TOEFL, English Test at our Office can meet your English Proficiency Level.

  • Admission Interview (Motivational Skype Interview + competitive entrance tests)

At our French Universities and Business Schools, tuition fees for the MBA range between 3,770 to 18,000 EUR a year.

Course duration of MBA programs varies from institution to institution. While the some schools have course duration of 24 months, others have a 16-months MBA course. There are still others who can give you MBA degree in 12 months only.